Thursday, December 9, 2010


Apollo's twin sister [...] She was one of the three maiden goddesses of Olympus. [...] She was the Lady of Wild Things, Huntsman-in-chief to the gods...
Edith Hamilton (31)

Artemis: p.p. 31-32
Actaeon: p.p. 267-268


  1. Christine Chen said:

    1. What did Artemis protect of ?

    Ans: She was careful to preserve the young; she was "the protectress of dewy youth" everywhere.

    2. How many different forms did Artemis related to ?

    Ans: Three different forms.
    Selene --> in the sky;
    Artemis--> on earth;
    Hecate --> in the lower world and in the world above when it is wrapped in darkness.

    3. What is Artemis' tree and what kind of anmial sacred to her?

    Ans: Cypress (扁柏) was her tree; all wild animal but especially the deer were sacred to her.

    4. Who were the goddess that have two different characteristic ( the dark side and the bright side)?

    Ans: Persephone; Dionysus; Artemis.

  2. Is artemis a female or male?

  3. She is a GODDESS.